Keep Looking Up
Keep Looking Up
Penny Gabor Art

Keep Looking Up

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When life gets challenging, we tend to put our heads down and focus on the path we're on.  Keep Looking Up is a reminder to look around and enjoy the scenery.  Beautiful things will come out of 2020/21 - I believe that.

Keep Looking Up has become a favourite vantage point from which to paint and has been done in a couple different sizes.  Of course each one is unique because the inks have such a life of their own, but also because each time I paint it, I am trying something new or focusing on a different aspect.

This is my largest version to date at 24x30" and has a Northern Ontario vibe with those Eastern White Pines on top.  Keep Looking Up was painted in 2020 and is an alcohol ink original mounted on a birch panel.  It is sealed with a varnish and UV protectant, and a glossy coat of resin for a luxurious finish.  (Alcohol inks should never be placed in direct sunlight.)


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