Waves of Gold - Little 'Penny's Collection
Waves of Gold - Little 'Penny's Collection
Penny Gabor Art

Waves of Gold - Little 'Penny's Collection

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Waves of Gold is a little 8x8" original alcohol ink painting reminiscent of those warm sunsets over the lake.  My family has a favourite spot we head to in order to watch the sun set over the lake - nothing quite like those Waves of Gold and the special moments of golden hour.

Little ‘Penny’s are a collection of 8x8’s painted in Autumn of 2022.  Each one has an authentic Canadian penny adhered to the right side.  Adding the pennies was a way to add something special and fun to this project.  Because my name is Penny, I was always a collector of pennies and this was another way to share a piece of myself in this most recent work, as well as a way to remind people that as Canadians, we live in a very special place in the world.

Waves of Gold was painted in 2022 and is an 8x8" alcohol ink original mounted on a birch panel.  It is sealed with a varnish and UV protectant, (but alcohol inks should never be placed in direct sunlight).



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