Alcohol Ink Supplies - Where do I begin?

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I get asked all the time about the supplies I use, so I thought I'd list a few of my favourite supplies...

Let's start with paper.  Inks look best on synthetic paper because the inks sit on top and are not absorbed.


I have used Yupo Paper from the very beginning, but recently, I have been working on Nara paper and I like it too!  I find Nara paper is a little more forgiving if you have to wipe it clean, but it's also more costly.  And I haven't tried Craft Plastic yet, but a friend just told me how great it is and that it's less expensive.


Ranger Inks - here's a set of 18 different colours.  I use Ranger inks the most.

Copic Ink Refills like this one. I use these a lot, but they are more expensive.

Pinata - here's their intro set - It's bright :) and when you dilute these in blending solution or alcohol, they go along way.

Nara has also recently put out a line of inks, which I have not yet tried.  They look very bright too.  If you buy these, please let me know what you think of them.

I also have a few Brea Reese inks as well.


Brushes...    A set of Rounds is all you need to get started or these.



Masking fluid

This is a good collection of supplies with which to start!  Happy Painting!



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